Top 5 Strengths

  • Woo (winning others over)
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Adaptability


It is 2007, I am ready to get that high school diploma and move on to the next step. I had no idea what that entailed. All I could think about were parties on the lake, barbecues, hanging with friends, and my graduation open house. I mean it’s summertime, right?

After the food, fun, and lots of long nights, I decided it was time for college ... or so I thought. I went to my local community college, signed up for classes, and— boom!—I was ready to roll. No, no I was not. I went for less than a week, dropped my classes, and said “no way” to this. Not for me, not going to waste my time sitting in a classroom learning things I had no interest in.

So for the next year or so, I worked in a restaurant. Started from the bottom as a busboy and worked my way up to bartender. Great money for an 18- or 19-year-old, but eventually I figured I couldn’t be a bartender for the rest of my life. At this point, I quit my job and moved on, working odd jobs here and there and wondering what the hell I wanted to be when I grew up (which took a long time, I might add). I finally thought of two things: either it was going to be culinary school or cosmetology school. So I moved to the land of the Spartans and enrolled in the Douglas J Institute in East Lansing. I wasn’t what you’d call a poster child for “Let’s make the best decisions in life.” I fought the law, and the law won, but we all make mistakes, right? I had to learn for myself to understand. A month later, it’s March of 2010, and I’m off to my first day of cosmetology school! I’m excited and nervous and a bit hungover because I’m living in a college town with no thoughts on how to balance work and play. All in all, it was a great first day.

Fast-forward to 2011 and—BAM!—I have graduated. Damn, I never thought I was going to make it. I sign up for my state boards and pass with flying colors. Now, on to getting a job. I decide to venture to Ann Arbor and apply at Brown & DeLine Salon. I get the job, finish my first two weeks of work, and I love it. So, remember when I fought the law and the law won? Don’t forget to take care of things. They’ll come back to bite you in the ass. So let’s just say after my first two weeks in my new career, I had a slight sabbatical of two weeks ... let’s say in Jamaica. That’s what we joked about. Started with a J, just wasn’t as warm and sunny, and no cocktails on the beach.

Luckily the owner, Cathy, believed I had it in me to do great things, as she does in everyone. I came back full force; I’ve used my mulligan and have had to get my shit together. From there, I’ve pushed myself to be the best that I can be. I’ve been given a great opportunity and do not want to waste it. Brown & DeLine gives you the ability to become a very successful person, as long as you push yourself and have the drive to want it.

I’ve done very well for myself the past few years I’ve worked at Brown & DeLine. I have become an educator with TIGI hair care, have had the opportunity to travel to London with the Brown & DeLine team, and have pushed myself to further my education. I came from being, not to put it lightly, a hot mess-and-a-half. Great things can come to anyone as long as you are willing to put in the work that life has in store for you. Change happens whether you’re 12 or 20. You just have to be ready to grab it by the horns and take it! My grandfather always said, “Life doesn’t give you obstacles, just challenges.”

I live by my motto. Fear no future, regret no past.

Best industry/life advice:

Be confident, not cocky. People can tell the difference, and they enjoy a confident stylist. If you talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk.

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