Top 5 Strengths

  • Strategic
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Woo (winning others over)
  • Includer


My career started when I was only 16. Cathy Issel and I worked in a salon together. As soon as word got out in the salon that she was opening her own place, I immediately wanted to work for her and her partner, Shannon DeLine. I basically grew up in a salon with plenty of female mentors. From a young age, working with mostly women, I learned a lot from women of all ages. I learned about the craft of hair but also about being professional, being a good mom, marriage, being a single mom, getting my first car, building a clientele, and balancing money.

I started working at Brown & DeLine back in 1995, and in 2015 I said good-bye to my Brown & DeLine team. I learned so much while at Brown & DeLine. I had years of in-salon training and even taught classes myself, and I was able to travel all over the country to work with some of the most famous artists in the industry—from The TIGI, Behind the Chair events, and industry award shows to the infamous America’s Beauty Show held in Chicago, Illinois.

I’ve learned more than hair in this career, even how to run a business. I’m now co-owner with my sister of a studio we lease. The studio originally was going to be called Sister Cuts. LOL! Cathy taught us better than that. We named our studio Muse. It is doing well and thriving! I would suggest this career for anyone who loves people and wants to work hard at becoming artistic. It is a job that can become second nature if it’s meant to be. Shoot for your goals and watch your dreams become reality.

Best industry/life advice:

If you are not happy, get happy. Make a change. In this industry, there’s plenty of room.

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