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We are here to help you build and sustain a career in the beauty industry. We understand how hard it can be to get started, we?ve all been there! We want to ensure your success, so you too, can achieve your dreams. So you can Thrive, not just survive.

All of us at Brown & DeLine are continually, working towards or expanding on our dreams. We want to do our part in helping others not only realize their dreams can come true by giving you the necessary tools, skills, and confidence to actually achieving them.

By breaking down all areas of success in the beauty industry and providing you that information on a daily basis. Areas of which include, goal setting, leadership, conflict at work, spring trends, and much more! You too can be successful, whether that is supporting a family, a certain lifestyle, or your wardrobe.

We have a panel of experts at your fingertips through our Facebook mentoring page, Thrivers. We also will have monthly videos breaking down each area, Q&A sessions, weekly motivation, tips, tricks, and real advice, from actual everyday experienced cosmetologists.

We are using Facebook to allow a more relaxed atmosphere where you can join a community of like-minded cosmetologists. In which, you can ask questions, hear from other cosmetologists from all walks of life, to support, and cheer each other on.

It is our mission to improve the world of beauty. We will create a community and unity in our industry. Each one of us cannot be everyone?s hairdresser, there are plenty of heads of hair, eyebrows, and finger nails to go around. Instead of constantly competing against each other, let?s make the world of beauty, what it should be. Beautiful."

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